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Wampa Cuddleez Plush – Star Wars – Large 25''

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Wampas are usually fierce creatures found on the icy planet Hoth, but not this cozy fellow. From the tip of his soft horns and tuft of fur on his head to the bottom of his paws, our lovably tame Wampa Cuddleez plush makes a snuggly companion. Of course, he could just be resting after tearing up the tundra, but we'd rather like to think this super-snuggly Wampa Cuddleez just loves a good nap or movie night. Either way, this little galactic yeti, inspired by Star Wars, is sure to inspire hours of blissfully warm quiet time.



  • Detailed plush sculpting
  • Embroidered features
  • Springy foam makes a nice nap pillow or cushion
  • Designed to lay flat on tummy
  • Does not stand on its own
  • Inspired by the Star Wars saga
  • Part of our Cuddleez Plush Collection



  • Polyester / elastane
  • Approx. 25'' L
  • Imported