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Story of Zorua Pokémon Center × Vic Lee: Pokémon Scary Stories Figure

by Pokemon
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The Pokémon Scary Stories: Story of Zorua Figure features Zorua in front of a red storybook with a Vic Lee illustration depicting multiple shadows and Pokémon silhouettes. Zorua are timid Pokémon who sometimes transform into people or other Pokémon to blend in and play tricks. This timid disposition seems to be what led to the development of Zorua's special power. Don't worry, though—while this figure won't transform and play tricks on you, it's still a spooky addition to a nightstand or shelf.

  • Measures about 4 inches tall
  • A grinning Gengar is displayed on the book's cover
  • Design based on a scene described in the Pokédex
  • Part of the Pokémon Center × Vic Lee: Pokémon Scary Stories collection
  • Pokémon Center Original