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Star Wars Galaxy Edge Sith Holocron Pyramid

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As Darth Maul once said, ''Sith Holocrons are keys that can open many doors.'' Considered by the Jedi to be among the most dangerous objects in the Galaxy, a Sith Holocron is believed to hold the key to the dark side. Inspired by the Star Wars saga, this Sith Holocron is modeled after the ones of legend and glows red like the notorious Lightsabers belonging to Darth Vader and Darth Maul. Place a Kyber crystal (sold separately) within the hidden drawer and turn the top piece of the Holocron to unlock different sounds and lights that evoke Sith voices and Lightsaber battles. With the power of the Sith in your hands, how will you use the Force?



  • Sith Holocron model
  • Lights up
  • Sound effects include Lightsaber sounds and Sith character voices
  • USB-C plug in
  • Includes USB-C cable
  • Works with Kyber crystals (sold separately)
  • Different crystals create different sound effects
  • Comes in a Black Spire Outpost bag
  • Inspired by the Star Wars saga



  • Ages 3+
  • Requires rechargeable 1 x lithium ion battery, included
  • ABS / POM
  • Approx. 6'' x 6'' x 6''
  • Made in the U.S.A.