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Season 50 - March Madness Mystery Box Game

Sold out

Season 50 - March Madness Mystery Box Game, below are the options of what you can receive:   

  • 1x SDCC Blue Suit Mr Incredible LE480
  • 1x Headless Ned Stark SDCC LE1008
  • 1x Captain Spaulding
  • 1x Boba Fetts Droid Star Wars Convention
  • 1x Dr Manhatten Watchman
  • 12x Superman Chrome 3-Pack
  • 36x Game of Thrones Dragons 3-Pack ECCC 2020
  • 36x GITD Great Gazoo ECCC 2020
  • 4x Basketball Mickey Disney Parks Exclusive
  • 1x Werewolf GameStop
  • 1x Simba Box Lunch
  • 1x Marvel Civil warrior HT
  • 1x Rainbow Unicorn Disney Parks
  • 1x King Groot GITD Target
  • 1x Batgirl Speciality Series
  • 1x Stephnwolf LOC
  • 1x Organization 13 Mickey SCE
  • 1x Jack Sugar Skull Hot Topic
  • 1x Mega Man Gyro Attack Canada Expo
  • 1x Batman 8bit
  • 1x Assaultron Fall Convention
  • 1x Agent J Funko Shop
  • 1x Sweeper Bot Convention
  • 1x Edna as Jack Jack
  • 1x Lando Smugglers
  • 1x Earthshaker GameStop
  • 1x Dryden Target
  • 1x Flocked Scooby Purple Box Lunch
  • 1x Darth Vader Gold Chrome
  • 1x Chucky Walmart
  • 1x Uncle fester Walgreens
  • 1x Venomized Storm GITD FunkoStop
  • 1x Darth Maul Convention
  • 1x Deadpool Duck Walgreens
  • 1x Black Panther Classic Target
  • 1x Swim Time Happy Hot Topic
  • 1x Jay Balvin
  • 1x Shaun (Shaun of the Dead) EE
  • 1x Bob Vampire GameStop
  • 1x Woody Hot Topic
  • 1x Kraven Walgreens
  • 1x Lizard Walgreens
  • 1x Batman Dawn Breaker Hot Topic
  • 1x Quasimodo Convention
  • 1x Mr. Monopoly Silver Funko-Shop
  • 1x Green lantern Walgreens
  • 1x Lucy Target
  • 1x Pennywise Teeth FYE
  • 1x Pennywise Glow Bug GameStop
  • 1x Red with Doozer BAM
  • 1x Power Armor Convention
  • 1x Gamer Minnie GameStop
  • 1x Toonami Tom GameStop
  • 1x Killmonger Target GITD
  • 1x Night King HBO
  • 1x Baby Nippet
  • 1x Wonder Bam Patina
  • 1x Wonder Woman GameStop
  • 1x Wonder Woman Michaels
  • 1x Bunny Flocked Target
  • 1x Baby Dumbo Hot Topic Exclusive
  • 1x Wonder Flashpoint Hot Topic
  • 1x Pumpkin Rapper GameStop
  • 1x Gamer Mickey GameStop
  • 1x Doc Brown LootCrate
  • 1x Power Armor GameStop
  • 1x Twilight Sparkle Walmart
  • 1x Wonder Walmart Box
  • 1x Logan X-Men Hot Topic Exclusive
  • 1x Red Ironman Target
  • 1x Genie Diamond Collection Hot Topic
  • 1x Bambi on Ice Disney Treasures Exclusive
  • 1x Dapper Jack Skellington Diamond Collection Hot Topic
  • 1x Diamond Collection Jack Skellington
  • 1x Stan Lee Walmart
  • 1x Alpha 5 Walmart
  • 1x Jack O Chica GameStop
  • 1x Funtime Foxy GameStop
  • 1x Pennywise FYE Beaver
  • 1x Hades GITD Hot Topic
  • 1x Garindan (Empire Spy) 2017 Galactic Convention
  • 1x Watto Star Wars Con
  • 1x Pennywise Wig Walmart
  • 1x Diamond Mulan Hot Topic
  • 1x Crash Flocked GameStop
  • 1x Dinsey Treasures Smee
  • 1x GITD Zamasu Walmart
  • 1x Codename Elf Target
  • 1x Dead Yamcha Convention
  • 1x King Ding Dong FunkoStop
  • 1x Invader Medium GameStop
  • 1x Joker Walgreens
  • 1x Super sonic GameStop
  • 1x Atheon GameStop
  • 1x Mysterio Hot Topic
  • 1x Red wing Robin Hot Topic
  • 1x Martha Wayne Joker Hot Topic
  • 1x Swamp Thing PX
  • 1x General Ramm Convention
  • 1x Mr. Monopoly Walmart
  • 1x Shredder 8-Bit
  • 1x Green ranger Toy Tokyo
  • 1x Black Flash Fugitive Toys
  • 1x Superman False God SCE
  • 1x Five Nights at Freddy's Bon Bon
  • 1x Make A Wish Freddy Funko
  • 1x Taskamaster Walgreens
  • 1x Nightmare Freddy Walmart
  • 1x Twinkie Chase Variant
  • 1x Hellboy SCE
  • 1x Gold Mickey Barnes & Noble
  • 1x Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku Hot Topic
  • 1x Simba Gold Disney Parks
  • 1x SSGSS Vegito Hot Topic
  • 1x Jungle Batman Funko-Shop
  • 1x Destro Convention
  • 1x Firestorm Fugitive GITD
  • 1x Lobo PX
  • 1x Regal Flash Unmasked
  • 1x Harley Inmate GameStop
  • 1x Lex Luthor LOC
  • 1x Energizer Bunny Flocked FunkoStop
  • 1x Vegito AAA
  • 1x Golden Age Batman
  • 1x Nightwing LOC
  • 1x Bruce Convention
  • 1x Martian Manhunter Walmart
  • 1x Radium Batman Target
  • 1x Negative Batman Target
  • 1x North Pole Batman Target
  • 1x Steampunk Batman HT
  • 1x Harley Punk HT
  • 1x Saiyan Goku 3 GS
  • 1x Noid Target
  • 1x Good Luck Bear Covention
  • 1x Batman Who Laughs PX
  • 1x Harley Quinn HT
  • 1x Love a lot Bear EE
  • 1x Android 16 Walmart
  • 1x Thomas Wayne HT
  • 1x Badman Vegeta HT
  • 1x Storm Shadow Bait
  • 1x Andy Bernard Target
  • 1x Hellboy Anung un Rama SS
  • 1x Thanos Walmart
  • 1x Jughead HT
  • 1x South Park The Coon SCE
  • 1x Shane Walsh Convention
  • 1x Kenny Zombie HT
  • 1x Superman #1
  • 1x Joker Walgreens
  • 1x Aquaman SCE
  • 1x SSGSS Goku GS
  • 1x Lord Drakkon PX
  • 1x Cad Bane Convention
  • 1x Goku GITD EE
  • 1x X-01 GS
  • 1x Hellboy PX
  • 1x Snowtrooper Walgreens
  • 1x Galadriel Barnes & Noble
  • 1x Sandman Walgreens
  • 1x White Lantern Superman Fugitive
  • 1x Joker Convention
  • 1x SS2 Gohan GS
  • 1x Eleven HT
  • 1x Korath ECCC
  • 1x Sora BL
  • 1x Wreck it HT
  • 1x Megaman GS
  • 1x Jack Jack FYE
  • 1x Coma Doof Target
  • 1x Night King GITD GameStop Exclusive
  • 1x Star Wars Max Rebo SS
  • 1x Moaning Mrytle Convention
  • 1x Tom Riddle Target
  • 1x Harry Egg Target
  • 1x Burning Walker Convention
  • 1x Blue Snaggletooth
  • 1x Lando HT
  • 1x Saw Guerrero Convention
  • 1x LG-88 Smugglers
  • 1x Klatuu Smugglers
  • 1x Jyn Convention
  • 1x Leia Walmart
  • 1x Blue Senate Galactic
  • 1x Pennywise with Wrought Iron FYE Exclusive
  • 1x Pennywise HT
  • 1x Red Dilo Trget
  • 1x Deathstroke PX
  • 1x Wonder Woman LOC
  • 1x Jay Garrick LOC
  • 1x Headless Nick Convention
  • 1x Thunderbeam GS
  • 1x Batman Joker Convention
  • 1x Chase Raiden GS
  • 1x Aquaman LOC
  • 1x Enchantress LOC
  • 1x Megaman Chase 8-Bit
  • 1x GITD Thor Convention
  • 1x Morty ECCC
  • 1x Notorious BIG HT
  • 1x Pillsbury Doughboy Heart FS
  • 1x Gerard Way HT
  • 1x Buckbeak Flocked
  • 1x FYE Maximus
  • 1x Wally Warhead FS
  • 1x Mitsuki HT
  • 1x Gajeel Convention
  • 1x Target Scott Howard
  • 1x Bruce Lee Bait
  • 1x Target Forrest Gump Paddle
  • 1x Dino LE6000
  • 1x Walmart Spider
  • 1x Naruto HT Six Path
  • 1x Imperial Guard Walgreens
  • 1x Cull Obsidion Walgreens
  • 1x Adore Hot Topic
  • 1x Jingles FS
  • 1x Amazon Yesss
  • 1x Barnes Newt
  • 1x Barnes Michael Corleone
  • 1x Elwood LE3000
  • 1x Nagini SCE
  • 1x Mufasa Flocked Target
  • 1x Naruto Hokage AAA
  • 1x Steve Irwin FS
  • 1x Where's Waldo Barnes
  • 1x Grishnakh ECCC
  • 1x Lucio Blizzard Overwatch
  • 1x Pennywise Amazon
  • 1x FYE Ducky Flocked
  • 1x Barnes Gollum
  • 1x Venomized Green Goblin HT
  • 1x Batman EE Orange
  • 1x Batman EE Pink
  • 1x Batman EE Green
  • 1x Batman EE Purple
  • 1x Batman EE Blue
  • 1x Soldier 76 SCE
  • 1x Spongebob Diamond
  • 1x Superman Flashpoint Chase
  • 1x Dwight ECCC 2020
  • 1x Oram Hot Topic Alien
  • 1x Buzz Off SCE
  • 1x Green Lantern John Stewart
  • 1x Peter PEZ Toy Tokyo
  • 1x Spider-Man Bomb WG
  • 1x Batman EE Yellow
  • 1x Jack Jack Silver HT
  • 1x Batman EE 8-Bite
  • 1x Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta PX
  • 1x Sora T Monsters
  • 1x Blue Chrome Vegeta TT
  • 1x Babe Ruth Walmart


    Not everyone can win big but we hope you do!

    All pops and other items should be received in acceptable condition but please be aware lots of the single pops are second hand and will contain wear and tear, all older pops should be expected in a condition that represents their age. All will be packed well. Some boxes will be your ultimate grails, some could be your worst fear. We feel this box gives everyone who takes part a fantastic chance to pull something really good. Do not combine these boxes with any other items. These cannot be combined with any existing orders you may have with us.

    Disclaimer: Every mystery box is random, we try to pack everything safe and sound to ensure they are delivered to you in the best condition possible. Mystery box contents cannot be exchanged/returned or replaced. We do not guarantee the condition of any mystery box items. All grails are shipped double boxed and usually in hard stacks (although this isn€š¬€ž¢t guaranteed) for added protection unless they are taller than 4". If you order multiple boxes your items will be shipped together in 1 box. Do not expect any grails to be mint condition due to their age. Feel free to message us if you wish to see photo of their condition before taking part. We reserve the right to include additional or different items within these boxes. Every item on the list will be shipped out within these boxes. No Returns will be accepted on this product.

    Mystery Boxes will be shipped out within 5 Working Days

    Store exclusive abbreviations

    FS = Funko Shop
    HT = Hot Topic
    Barnes = Barnes & Noble
    Walmart = Walmart
    Walgreens = Walgreens
    Target = Target
    LOC = Legion of Collectors
    GS = Game Stop
    FYE = FYE
    EE = Entertainment Earth
    SCE = Spring or Summer Comvention Exclusive
    AAA = AAA Anime Exclusive
    Regal = Regal Cinemas Exclusive
    Star Wars Con = Galactic Convention
    Canada Expo = self-explanatory
    Convention = any convention exclusive
    ECCC = Emerald City Comic Con
    Bait = Bait Exclusive
    PX = PX Exlusive
    SS = Speciality Series