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Season 45 - Diamond Mystery Box Game

Sold out

Season 45 - Diamond Mystery Box Game, below are the grails options of what you can receive (it is not guaranteed you will receive a grail):  


  • 1 x Flocked Lotso D23 2011 LE480
  • 1 x Maleficent 9" D23 Metallic
  • 1 x Ghost Rider Metallic SDCC
  • 1 x Luke Stormtrooper ECCC
  • 1 x Han Stormtrooper ECCC
  • 1 x Freddy Funko Night King LE400
  • 1 xThe Thing B&W Gemini Exclusive
  • 2 x SDCC Indiana Jones Golden Idol
  • 1 x Freddy Funko Metallic Genie
  • 1 x Freddy Funko Charlie Brown Orange LE24
  • 1 x Freddy Funko Charlie Brown Red LE24
  • 1 x Freddy Funko Flintstone Yellow LE24
  • 1 x Freddy Funko Flintstone White LE24
  • 1 x Freddy Funko Flintstone Blue LE24
  • 1 x Aurora Hot Topic
  • 1 x Maleficent GITD Hot Topic
  • 1 x Metallic Dr.Doom
  • 1 x Hulk Compound Toy Aniexty Exclusive
  • 1 x Freddy Funko Genie
  • 1 x Rorschach Bloody SDCC 2013 LE480
  • 3 x Indy's Ride
  • 5 x Stonekeeper Funko-Shop
  • 3 x Zombie Sasha Funko-Shop
  • 3 x Alpha Supply Drop Exclusive
  • 1 x Shiva Supply Drop Exclusive
  • There are NO common pops in this mystery box. The remaining boxes will each contain a minimum of 2 exclusive pops

Additional boxes will contain a mixture of Disney, Mavel, DC, Gaming, Movie, Harry Potter, TV and other Exclusives pops. 2 per box.

Not everyone can win big but we hope you do!

All pops and other items should be received in good condition, all order pops should be expected in a condition that represents their age. All will be packed well. Some boxes will be your ultimate grails, some could be your worst fear. We feel this box gives everyone who takes part a fantastic chance to pull something really good. Do not combine these boxes with any other items. These cannot be combined with any existing orders you may have with us.

Disclaimer: Every mystery box is random, we try to pack everything safe and sound to ensure they are delivered to you in the best condition possible. Mystery box contents cannot be exchanged/returned or replaced. We do not guarantee the condition of any mystery box items. All grails are shipped double boxed and usually in hard stacks (hard stacks are not guaranteed) for added protection unless they are taller than 4". If you order multiple boxes your items will be shipped together in 1 box. Do not expect any grails to be mint condition due to their age. Feel free to message us if you wish to see photo of their condition before taking part. We reserve the right to include additional or different items within these boxes. Every item on the list will be shipped out within these boxes. No Returns will be accepted on this product. 9‚¬š¬� Metallic Maleficent has the known head issue which is common on this particular item.