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Best Value Mystery Box

Sold out

Each box contains a minimum of 3 items. Each of the Pop Tees are American exclusive Funko Tees or Exclusive Geeky Tees, a full list of the ‚¬š¬˜fandoms/type of pops‚¬š¬‚¬ž¢ that will be within this box and the additional Funko items are listed below.

Cost per box will be just £17.50! You will receive:

  • 1 x Minimum of 1 Funko Pop
  • 1 x American Exclusive Pop Tee! / Geeky Tee! 
  • 1 x Additional Funko Item

Exclusive Pop Tees:

  • Funko Sonic the Hedgehog Exclusive
  • Funko Michael Myers Halloween Exclusive
  • Funko Chucky Exclusive
  • Funko Predator Exclusive
  • Funko Alien Exclusive
  • Funko Colonel Sanders KFC Exclusive
  • Funko Dragon Ball Z Exclusive
  • Funko Marvel Gauntlet Exclusive
  • Funko Ragnarök (Fortnite) Exclusive
  • Funko Disney Mickey Exclusive
  • Funko DC Exclusive
  • Funko Captain America Exclusive
  • Funko Green Lantern Exclusive
  • Funko Disney Ariel Exclusive
  • Funko Jaws Exclusive
  • Funko Venom Exclusive
  • Funko Dark Phoenix Exclusive
  • Non-Funko Exclusive GOT Tee

Pop Fandoms included within this mystery box

  • Funko Horror Pops
  • Funko Pokemon Pops
  • Funko Ad Icon Pops
  • Funko Marvel Pops
  • Funko Disney Pops
  • Funko Gaming Pops
  • Funko Animation Pops
  • Funko Harry Potter Pops
  • Funko TV/Movie Pops
  • Funko DC Pops

Additionally, your mystery box will also include a minimum of 1 item from the following list:

  • 1 x Exclusive Pop Keychain (Various fandoms)
  • 1 x Exclusive Mystery Mini (Various Fandoms)
  • 1 x Funko Exclusive Badge (Various Fandoms)
  • 1 x Funko Exclusive Pez (Various Fandoms)

    Do not combine these boxes with any other items. These cannot be combined with any existing orders you may have with us.

        Disclaimer: Every mystery box is random, we try to pack everything safe and sound to ensure they are delivered to you in the best condition possible. Mystery box contents cannot be exchanged/returned or replaced. We do not guarantee the condition of mystery box items. All grails are shipped double boxed and in hard stacks for added protection unless they are taller than 4". Do not expect grails to be mint condition due to their age. Fell free to message us if you wish to see photo of their condition before taking part. We reserve the right to include additional or different items within these boxes. We may hold some of these boxes back from sale until this evening to give others who are at work the chance to purchase. Every item on the list will be shipped out within these boxes. No Returns will be accepted on this product.