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Pixar Woody's Boot Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

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Hat, badge, six-shooter…now where’s Woody’s boot? Found it! This Pixar plush, available only at Chewy, has a soft, cuddleable cover that’s easy on a dog’s mouth and great for snuggles too. Inside, there’s lots of soft stuffing and two squeakers to get their attention when it’s time for a rowdy game of catch or fetch. It’s even got the iconic snake, too, with a corduroy cover and a large squeaker inside! From snuggling and cuddling to animated interactive games, this Pixar toy does it all and it’s cute to boot!

Key Benefits

  • Toy Story Woody’s boot plush reminds your pup they’ve always got a friend in their toy box.
  • Features a soft corduroy cover all over for a new, unique texture and lots of plush stuffing inside.
  • Contains two squeakers to grab their attention and keep them focused on the fun and games.
  • Soft enough for cuddling when it’s time for a snuggle and fun enough for interactive play.
  • One of the fan-approved Disney and Pixar toys available only at Chewy, designed for animated pet adventures.