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Pixar Jessie Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

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Yeehaw, what a fun toy! This furry fan favorite, available only at Chewy, will be your Pixar pup’s favorite companion—besides you of course—whether it’s time to play or time for some shuteye. Giddy up! With its soft cover, plush stuffing, squeakers and crinkle paper, this Jessie toy has got all the pup-preferred favorites to make the good times better and the games unforgettable.

Key Benefits

  • Classic Jessie plush toy is made to be a medium or large dog’s favorite snuggle and play buddy.
  • Features a soft cover and plush stuffing that’s easy on their mouth and oh-so-cuddly too.
  • Stuffed with squeakers and crinkle paper to keep their attention on the fun and games.
  • Soft enough for cuddling when it’s time for a snuggle and fun enough for interactive play.
  • One of the fan-approved Disney and Pixar toys available only at Chewy, designed for animated pet adventures.