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Pixar Buzz Lightyear Round Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

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Give this droid to your dog and just listen for the happiest symphony of beeps and crinkles in all the galaxy! This round BB-8™ plush, available only at Chewy, is an all-around blast for Star Wars™ fans young and old. It’s got a soft cover to cuddle, plush stuffing, satisfying crinkle paper and a squeaker inside that sounds just like their favorite droid. No matter how your dog plays—toss it, roll it, wrestle it—or if your dog just needs a good cuddle buddy from among the stars, this droid does it all for your puppy Padawan.

Key Benefits
  • Round BB-8 plushie is great for dogs of all barks, whether it’s time to play or nap.
  • Features a soft, smooth cover that’s easy on their mouth and plush stuffing inside.
  • Squeaker and crinkle paper-stuffed for lots of loud excitement to put them into play mode.
  • Great for interactive games like fetch and catch as well as cuddling up to catch some Z’s.
  • One of the fan-approved Star Wars toys available only at Chewy, created to send your pet on a galactic saga of fun.