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LoungeFly - Wizard Of OZ - Emerald City Mini Backpack - Eight 3 Five Exclusive

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One of the most seen films in movie history, The Wizard of Oz is a technicolour extravaganza that has left a permanent mark for generations of children and adults alike. And whilst there maybe no place like home, there's also no place quite like Oz.

Now you can relive your childhood again and again and join us on the path to the emerald city with this stunningly understated Wizard of Oz Loungefly Exclusive Limited collection.

Let the world know where you're heading with our Emerald City Loungefly Limited Exclusive Backpack, and we're pretty sure everyone will be desperate to go with you. 


Backpack: W: 8.5" x H: 10" x D: 4"

Limited to: 2000 pieces