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Fertility Idol Figure – Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

by Disney
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Raiders of the Lost Ark begins with Indiana Jones retrieving a famous Golden Idol in the temple of the Chachapoyan warriors named for the Chachapoyans, a civilization that really did exist in the cloud forest of the Amazonas region of that is now called Peru. This detailed replica of the Fertility Idol Figure is one treasure hunters will cherish.



  • Fertility idol resin figure
  • Authentic collectible replica of relic Indiana Jones discovered during his adventures
  • Packaged in a themed box with a crate-style sleeve
  • Packaging features descriptions of where the relic was seen in the movie, as well as the historical background that inspired it
  • Inspired by Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark



  • Resin
  • 8 5/8'' H x 5 1/2'' W x 6'' L
  • Imported

Additional Information:

The fertility idol used in the movie was inspired by an artifact in the Dumbarton Oaks museum. A statuette thought to represent the Aztec goddess Xochiquetzqal.

The goddess is depicted in the act of giving birth, a representation uncommon in our present archeological record. In fact, recent scientific analysis revealed the Dumbarton Oaks statuette to be a 19th century fake. To date, one of the only real examples of a fertility goddess giving birth is a baked clay figurine made some 8,000 years ago and found on a site in present day Turkey.