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4" Standard Sized DBT Pop Pods


DBT Pop Pods are in stock and available for immediate dispatch. 

  • 16.2h x 11.8w x 9.2d (cm)
  • 6.37h x 4.64w x 3.62d (inch)

1. Crystal Clear Packaging, it' like looking through glass and over time the plastic will not fade. The composition of the material also gives added sun protection to the Pops inside.

2. Aesthetics: Painted outer bottoms and 2mm raised edging gives your pop display much cleaner lines. With the clean white lines, this will make your display look that much sharper and that much more clean.

3. Perfect fit: Our Pods are made to measure and all machine diced to exact specifications, your Pop will not be able to move in these Pods as the perfect fit also evades any excess spaces/creases within the plastic protector. The Pods are .4mm thick

4. Double Scored Edging: A unique construction technique for our Pops Pods makes them structurally a lot more stable than any others on the market place.

5. They stack a lot better than any other protectors weve trialled. The way the plastic is engineered along with the double scored edging means the lids on these protectors dont have excess plastic that will bubble. We are not saying these are perfect for stacking but they are certainly a lot better than any others weve seen.

6. The material is RPET, re-cycled PET that has a minimum of 60% post-consumer waste content (old drinks bottles) that can then be widely recycled.

7. The PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is 100% recyclable

8. Manufacturer in the UK.