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Affiliate Program

Double Boxed Toys work in a collector’s market where customer retention is key. People from around the world connect with each other through social media groups and share their experiences. The collector’s markets and forums across Facebook are widespread and diverse leading to a very open marketplace of potential customers. DBT offer a meaningful collectors experience to the collecting consumer giving them peace of mind that we will handle their products with care while in our possession and package them appropriately. 

• Who is eligible for our Affiliate Program?

Double Boxed Toys offer a unique array of exclusive Funko Pop products that other companies cannot supply in high quantities. This appeals to the wider collecting community as people can purchase in one place and pay just one delivery charge. All affiliates are welcome to apply, however certain profiles are not eligible for the program currently, including cashback and voucher code sites. 

• Can I share my links on social media?

Affiliates may only post affiliate links on social media feeds they operate or have authorisation to, in line with their website URL, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Affiliate links are prohibited on some social sharing sites, such as Pinterest. Please consult each website's Terms & Conditions first. 

• Commission Structure

  • commission rate from 6%
  • 30 day cookie 

• Product Feeds & Deeplinking

Affiliates have a huge catalog of over 6000 products to choose from and you can promote all new releases as and when they are live on our website and scroll through our product catalogue looking at specific target markets such as Disney or Marvel. Deeplinks can be created in the Link Builder section within AWIN and can be used to link to specific products, categories or collections. 

Interested? If you are not already an AWIN publisher, visit their website and register to get started.